Shakespeare launch MariTrac.

Inland Waters Boat Tracking

Boat Tracking is becoming essential before the market recognises it is absolutely necessary for leisure yachting. As a global supplier of marine antennas and accessories, Shakespeare is at the forefront of the industry with inside knowledge from our client-base. With this in mind, we know it's paramount for our customers to benefit from the use of MariTrac on their pride-and-joy.

As a new product and service, we were going to offer our new tracking system to the first 100 buyers, but, since we launched MariTrac this Monday, we've already passed that figure. So, we're extending our introductory offer to 500 units which means there's far more opportunity to maximise your return on our innovative platform.

For enquiries to learn more about MariTrac, get in touch: sales@shakespeare-marine.uk.com



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