MariTrac by Shakespeare Marine

MariTrack is a marine tracking solution designed for yachts, boats, jet-ski's and RIB's operating within Inland Waterways and coastal sailing, but can also be used globally by the world's largest shipping companies – there are no limits.

The device is easy to install, very difficult to detect for any thief, and ensures the safety of your boat during periods when the craft is unoccupied or at increased potential risk.

MariTrack can be acquired as an outright purchase with a very low monthly cost of subscription and no contract other than the first month of connection, or the costs of acquisition can be reduced by a slightly higher monthly cost with no up-front heavy fees and contracted for as little as one year but options to three years.

Shakespeare Marine Distribution are renowned for creative solutions and always encourage the boating DIY to get involved, and to this end, we can help you install your own device – talk to us!

SMD have MariTrac installation engineers nationally who can install your tracker/s professionally if you choose to, which can either be paid at the time of ordering when you buy your MariTrac device through our shop (no contract), or over the life of the device (by contract) allowing you to avoid front-end cost; the choice is yours...

As our client, you will be able to set-up your own alarm condition, such as geo-fencing, and if the boat is hired or on charter, you will be able to track where it is and monitor its behaviour and performance or be alerted to movement of the boat when it is moved outside of the predetermined mapping area you create – and all remotely; you set the limits, it is you who is in control!

This device is supplied as standard with an IP67 protection (weather-proof), and enjoys a warranty of 5 years from the day of installation (when installed by SMD) or 1 year when installed as a DIY boater, but either way, it guarantees considerable value for money and peace of mind.

* Low entry cost of hardware

* Alarm condition controlled by you!

* Low monthly Subs (less than a London pint per month)

* Smart device compatible (watch it anywhere)

* Option to lower insurance premium

* Covert Option available

Also, if you already have a tracking device installed in your vessel, you can still use our portal service! We will even knock off a third of the monthly price you currently pay for your software!

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