4018 - 19' 9dB VHF Antenna (two-piece)



19' VHF Marine Band 2 Piece 9dB Gain Antenna, MFG# 4018, includes 2 piece antenna (162 base, 66 tip), PL-259 connector, and 20' RG-58 coax..

Heavy duty two section fibreglass VHF antenna. (Top choice of professional fisherman)

Collinear phased ½ wave elements with a coaxial choking sleeve to suppress cable radiation

Chrome-plated brass ferrules

6m RG – 58 cable and a PL- 259 connector

Two sections: base 4.1; tip 1.7m

Suggested mount: 409-R or 410-R Mounting Kit for deck or side mounting

Click this link to download this PDF: https://shakespearemarinedistributionlimited.rocke...'9dbVHFAntenna(twopiece).pdf?dl=1

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