4018-M - Classic VHF Antenna



19' (5.8m) VHF Marine Band 9dB

Phased 1/2-wave elements in a collinear array with a coaxial choking sleeve to suppress cable radiation

The top choice for charter boat captains and experienced sport fishing enthusiasts. This long-distance VHF antenna is rigid enough to stay erect in rough seas, yet exceptionally lightweight. The 4018-M has an aluminum sleeve for attaching to a mast. It is used primarily for land-based stations and on commercial vessels.

  • Brass and copper elements
  • Chrome-plated brass ferrules
  • Mast mount – U-bolts supplied
  • SO-239 connector at base of antenna
  • Two sections
  • 2 Sections: Base 162″; Tip 66″
Best applications include: Land-based stations and Commercial vessels; for medium to large fishing and comercial vessels and similar types of vessels.

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