MD70 - V-Tronix VHF Fibreglass Antenna



Marine, End-Fed, VHF Antenna with Universal Base

This Commercial Marine VHF Antenna is carefully constructed and is capable of withstanding the worst the elements can throw at it. All the antennas in this series offer excellent bandwidth/VSWR characteristics within the frequency range of 156 MHz – 162 MHz. All antennas in this series are suitable for GMDSS installations.

  • White, tapered fibreglass tube
  • Cast aluminium integral base with whiteglass finish and 'U' bolts
  • Mounts on both horizontal and vertical poles
  • 0.3m of RG-213 cable fitted with 'N' jack
  • Available in EU only
*Please note all 'MD' antenna's delivery time will be 5 days longer due to building time*
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