AA20 - V-Tronix Active Antenna



Active Antenna 0.5-30 MHz

This active antenna is designed for receive-only purposes. It is lightweight. rugged and can be used to feed up to five receivers. When the DC voltage for the active antenna is not provided by the receiver, it may be supplied by either our AAX1 or AAX5 Power Supply/Splitter Box. The AAX5 is recommended when the antenna is required to supply more than one receiver. The receivers can be a combination of navigation types, SSB, broadcast AM/FM and Fax.

  • Tapered stainless steel whip
  • Lightweight, wideband, active receive-only
  • 20m RG58 cable and black aluminium bracket plus BNC connector
  • Use with AAX1 or AAX5 Power Supply/Splitter Box
  • HF and NAVTEX bands
  • Available in EU only
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