5310-R - Galaxy SSB Antenna



23' (7m) SSB Full-Length Conductors, No Loading Coil

This hand-crafted antenna is a top performer for commercial vessels, yachts and larger sportfishing boats. Easily handles up to 1 kw input power.

  • Brass and copper elements for maximum range and efficiency
  • Stainless steel ferrules, standard 1″-14 thread mounting ferrule
  • Side feed termination band
  • Suggested mount: Shakespeare Style 409-R or 410-R Mounting Kit (each sold separately)
  • 2 Sections: Base 172″; Tip 105″
Twin to: Shakespeare Style 5309-R
Best applications include: commercial vessels and yachts; for medium to large commercial, sportfishing, or yachts and similar types of vessels.

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