5411-XT - Galaxy Little Giant™Cellular Antenna



4' (1.2m) Dual Band Cellular 3dB, 800/900 MHz And 1900 MHz Cellular

This compact, extra sturdy antenna covers the digital, analog and PCS cellular bands. For quality and reliability, the antenna's connections are hand-soldered, and it's hand finished. Use one of Shakespeare's CPA Series adapters to connect your portable cell phone. The Style 5411-XT has an exclusive black Galaxy finish.

  • Solid performance packed into an extra heavy-duty radome
  • Brass and copper elements to maximize range
  • Stainless Steel ferrule with standard 1″-14 thread
  • Includes 25′ of coax cable and a TNC connector
  • Limited availability
  • One Section
  • Suggested mount: Shakespeare Style 4187 or 5187 (each sold separately)
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